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At the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, lies a village in Kikelelwa which is in Kilimanjaro province in the people's republic of Tanzania. Barely a year before the arrival of Matonyok organization a nonprofit organization the people were depending on individuals to raise tree seedling for the environment and also from government tree seedlings centers.

With recent lack of rain and global warming increase in the whole world and more so parts of east Africa turning into a semi desert, the organization together with our co- partner Treedom company srl. got funding from the ministry of foreign affairs of the Italian government decided to impact the community positively by producing and raising tree seedlings  which are beneficial to the over 3000 households in Tarakea area of Rombo district.

With a theme of turning the earth green again we have planted to almost every household over 100 tree seedlings in the homesteads in an agroforestry way so as it can change the status of every household in years to come.

Our team have been working tireless to make sure the projects successful which received numerous support both from the locals and the government administrators in the region who praised our efforts of impacting and educating the community on the importance of planting trees and conserving the environment while getting economic gains.

Mr. Alais Lenana Momoi, the director of the organization has been on the frontline in championing the project to be a successful one, besides being on the grounds daily he helps farmers on best ways to take care of tree seedlings both at the nursery level and also at theirs farms, he is well conversant with the community of the area and also  helps them through accessing their homes and advising the farms whenever they are required.

The organization has also impacted the community by providing civic education on beekeeping activity and also proving them with 80 hives.  Due to the fact that the area has a good environment for bee keeping more families can now earn an extra coin with little space they have due to presence of flowers which are throughout the years. Continue Reading...

Among the trees seedling which Matonyok is promoting are; lemons, oranges, paw paws, avocados, mangoes and gravillea.




The tree is used as a fruit both for family consumption and to bring income to the communities through selling of fruits in the market. It is compatible with other agricultural activities in the farm and helps to check soil erosion, It supply pollen for apiculture.

 Moringa Aloifera

Moringa tree is used by many communities in Kenya. The leaves are used as a vegetable which are also medicinal. The seeds are used as medicine and also for water purification. The tree is compatible with other agricultural activities in the farm  It also helps in controlling soil erosion


This citrus fruit does very well in the area and is used both as a local fruit and as an income earner. The tree is very compatible with other agricultural activities and does not deplete the soils

Gravillea Robusta

Grevillea trees are used for different purpose including provision of firewood, timber for construction and while the leaves are used as fodder for the animals. Its compatible with other agricultural activities and the leaves are used for soil fertility management


Oranges do very well in this area and are the main crops that farmers rely on for their income. They are used as fruits and for soil conservation


The tree is used as a fruit both for family consumption and to bring income to the communities through selling of fruits in the market. It is compatible with other agricultural activities in the farm and helps to check soil erosion


The tree is used as a fruit and the leaves decomposed very fast and is therefore good for soil fertility management

Agro4pngAfter rising up in the tree nursery the locals are being given for free then organization field officers make follow ups to check the progress?

Mr. Justin Moshi a tree nursery expert for over 2 decades is helped by a team of 21 nursery attendants every day on the nursery to make sure that the organization is raising disease free tree seedlings and also makes follows up to the  homes together with Mr. Paul LOSOTUA to answers  questions from the farmers.

Over 100 tree seedlings have been planted by farmers with the aide of the organization, weekly and monthly civic education were conducted both at trees centers and at the rural homes with experts from the field of crop husbandry both from the government and other from leading institutions in both Kenya and Tanzania.

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