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Peer Education

peerWe all at some point had someone that we looked up to while growing up. Probably a role model, a secret admirer or a passive mentor, someone you’d copy their every move and really wanted to associate with because of the great achievements they had. In developing a character you require someone to guide you through discipline for achievement of the desired character and much more empower society members to exploit their full potential and pursuing decent standards livelihoods.

Since the communities in Kajiado South are pastoralists, in one way or the other they are marginalized and uninformed, we realized that the children here need to be mentored. Due to this, Matonyok Organization is currently involved in ensuring there is provision of quality education in schools found within Kajiado South.In making this a success, Matonyok organization has been involved in conducting peer education through the help of volunteers from an organization known as Voluntary Services Overseas(VSO).

Among the schools that have benefited from this program in the month of February and March include the following:
Kimana Primary School;
Elangata Enkima Primary School;
Olorika Primary School; and
Namelok Primary School.
we are targeting to reach more than 12 schools in Kajiado South by the year 2018 because many students here come from the interior places and they need to be mentored. upon which we shall review the impact and sustainability.Among the topics covered include
Environmental conservation;
Life skills;
Career Development;
Social Inclusion;
Drug Abuse;
HIV/AIDS awareness;
Environmental awareness;
Child Marriage; and
This program started in February and is still on going.We as an organization have since January 2017 started an implementation of our strategic plan(developed in 2016) that lays a framework that facilitates advocacy and peer education .Matonyok has taken a front row in educating communities on the value of being Knowledgeable on global issues, Responsible citizens and Public Participation and where possible helped them actively advocate for their rights in either family, regional, county or national level. We combine education with advocacy as a sustainable approach to achieving our mission. . .
The purpose of conducting peer education is to create awareness of some of the issues affecting students and ensuring they are able to make informed decision when faced with such issues for example drug abuse and other cross cutting issues.

Through hearing some personal stories from the volunteers, students are also motivated to work hard.In addition to this,peer education enlightens students about global issues at large such as global warming and climate change.This is of particular importance because we are creating a generation with knowledge at hand which is the most powerful tool that is going to greatly help in tackling such issues.

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