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Tree Planting.

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img 4119 origAs an organization, we are aware of the effects environmental and climate change has in most of the areas in Kajiado South and the effects this can have on the livelihoods of our target groups and the entire community. The increasingly changing climatic conditions has necessitated Matonyok organization to participate actively in promoting effective and sustainable environment use.

We have since January 2017 started an implementation of our strategic plan(developed in 2016) that lays a framework to enable planting trees in all schools in Kajiado South in phases from January 2017 to December 2018. So far, in partnership with VSO-ICS and other organizations that work with the communities here; we have embraced an integrated plan in greening the environment towards an effort to have a conserved environment.
Apart from the obvious environment benefits; community uplift has been central to the project. For future plan, the schools around Kajiado south have committed themselves to providing adequate protection for the trees under a strategy " Every Child Adopt A Tree".
As an organization, we have committed ourselves in availing enough tree seedlings to all school; depending on how a school can sustain the tree planting project. We are targeting to have 5000 trees planted by end of 2017 after which we shall start training women groups on how to plant trees at home, market places, meeting points and other key places.img 4121 origKajiado South is a semi-arid area that calls for plenty of water to enable the trees to survive and thus, to make this project realistic and achievable, all schools that have benefited and that will benefit from this project have been accessed on:
• Tree type best suited for the place;
• Water availability; and
• The Schools' capacity to manage the project.
we have put plans in place to do a monitoring and evaluation of the progress of the trees to enable their sustainability.
We are using the gains of education and advocacy to empower communities on environmental conservation with an effort to planting indigenous trees to advancing education on water and sanitation.

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    SCHOOLS that where trees were planted
      1.  Olmapitet Manhae Secondary School
      2.  Kimana primary secondary school 8. Kuku secondary school
      3.  Kimana mixed secondary school
      4  .Entonet secondary school
      5.  Olchorro secondary school
      6.  Olchorro primary school
      7.  Inkisanjani primary school
      8.  Kuku secondary school
      9.  Namelok secondary school
    10.  Namelok primary school
    11.  Enkii boys secondary school
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