Sunday, April 14, 2024

Siha agroforestry project

Matonyok Organization in SIHA is dealing with the conservation of environment through agroforestry activities like; (planting of fruits tees eg. papaya, avocado, lemons, mangoes, and timber trees eg. grevillea, commercial seedlings like coffee, and medicinal tees, moringa).

Matonyok Organization officially started operating in SIHA DISTRICT October 2021. Location of nursery area found SAMAKI MAINI VILLAGE in LIVISHI WARD.

The main objectives of the organization are to conserve the environment and standardize the living standard of the people through production of seedling of different species and distributing freely to the farmers. The seedlings in the same nursery are therefore distributed in SIHA DISTRICT.  this year are we have planned for  fruit seedling such as avocado, mangoes, papaya and lemon also commercial seedlings like coffee, then medicinal seedling that is moringa and timber seedling like grevillea.

However, the organization planning  to produce 100,000 seedlings for the current season 2021/2022 with the following division; avocado 20,000, moringa 15,000, lemons 15,000, grevillea 15,000, papaya 15,000, mangoes 5,000 and coffee 15,000.

From October 2021 to now February 2022 the organization has provided employment to nine(9) staffs members with different units including project manager, nursery manager, office assistant, five (5) nursery attendant and security guard.

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