Sunday, April 14, 2024

Olkirenyi Ilmejooli Women Group

The Ilmejooli Women Welfare Association is a constant reminder in Kajiado County of the role women can and do play in development. Consisting of 16 members, the group has taken the mantle of agriculture in Entonet region. It was registered in 2007 and has since enabled its members improve their lifestyles tremendously by providing a platform to access funding through table banking, adult education and knowledge on how to vary sources of income. All the 16 members have earned a certificate of proficiency in adult education, empowering them more to engage actively and knowingly in different economic ventures and general regional development. The group grapples with challenges such as lack of markets for their farm produce and bead jewelry, and lack of finances to fuel its activities. Matonyok has been strategic since 2011 in encouraging the group’s existence.

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