Sunday, April 14, 2024

Esoit Pus Self Help Group

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Once a week, members of Esoit Pus Self Help Group join hands with communities living along the Nolturesh River to advocate for their right to access water, a commodity that is so central to the livelihoods of its members. Advocacy is just one of the tools that this group of 20 Maasai men use to ensure equitable access to sustainable livelihood. Living in Lang’ata Enkima the members have been forced to adjust their approach to financial gain following the diversion of water from Nolturesh River that used to support members’ agricultural activities. The group currently, fattens and resells goats and bulls to earn income to support their lifestyles. Few of its members still practice agriculture but constantly encounter water shortage and invasion of elephants into their farms. Matonyok continues to fulfil its mission by supporting various works of advocacy and assisting them with information on livestock rearing and agriculture.

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