Sunday, April 14, 2024

Namelok Osoit Illaramatak Self Help Group

img 2432Located just 10 Kilometres from Amboseli National Park lives a community that has for a while now enjoyed the sweet benefits of arable land and access to water resources. The 20 members of Namelok Osoit Illaramatak Self Help Group are proud agriculturalists that have exploited the group structure to support one another in terms of access to funding and strengthening their ability to lobby.

The group has managed to organize adult education classes which are accessible not only to the group members but the rest of the community. Human wildlife conflict continues to be a great hindrance to the group’s agricultural activities, a challenge that has continued to strengthen the group ties as they collaborate to address the problem. Matonyok has been instrumental to the group’s activities by contributing to the wealth of the group and offering insights on civic education.  


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