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Angata Rangai Naserian Self Help Group

This group was formed in the year 2007 and currently consists of 240 members. Based in one of the most arid parts of Kenya, Kajiado, this group’s major challenge is water scarcity both for domestic use and agricultural use. However, a number of well-wishers and government organisations have stepped in to make life liveable for this group and the surrounding community at large. With the help from Water for Life, Water For All, and Kenya Airways they were able to raise funds for digging a bore hole where they now get their water.

They also worked with the Kenya Wildlife Service on a 50/50 contribution to dig a water pan that helps them harvest water during the rainy season to feed their animals, among other uses. Also, they worked with ‘Gazelle’ a French Organisation, to build a classroom that is used by children from the locality for learning purposes.
As a way of income generation, the members of this group keep beehives and sell the harvested honey at a market in Kimana, a nearby town.
Some of this group’s needs were identified to be;
Need for Storage Tanks to effect proper distribution of water among the 240 members
A solar water pumping machine to pump water from the borehole which seems more sustainable as opposed to using petrol driven generators.

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