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Elerai Self Help Group

Elerai Self Help group was established in 2009 following a drastic nationwide drought. The implications for the pastoralist members of Elerai were devastating, killing 90% of livestock. The group consists of 30 members and largely practice rain fed agriculture, producing corn, maize, potatoes and beans. The group also fatten and sell livestock, the proceeds of which are collected in a table banking structure to finance different aspects of their everyday living such as providing children's school fees. Seven children are currently in education from the support of Elerai Self Help group.

​The group have highlighted the following challenges in their area:

​- Human/wildlife conflict with the need to protect crops and homesteads from intruding elephants, lions and monkeys
​- Transportation issues due to poor roads, making the delivery of produce difficult and only accessible by motorcycle
​- High illiteracy rates among members, leading to a weak business structure and limited communication opportunities
​- Water scarcity as the group is reliant on rain fed agriculture and struggle to cultivate produce in the dry season
​- Finding consistent, ready markets for their traditional Maasai beadwork to earn additional income
​- Diversifying their beadwork market and producing creative goods to sell to alternative consumers such as hotels, not only tourists

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